Backup Camera Kit 2014-15 Scion-Buying Guide

Backup Camera Kit

Backup Camera Kit

Backup Camera Kit – Plug and Play for Display Audio Radios- Buying Guide

A majority of 2013-14 model years’ Scion vehicles come with either the Display Audio (6.1″ Touchscreen, non-navi) head units, yet still none come with a factory backup camera. Now Scion have an OEM style camera and harness that integrates into the factory Display Audio head units and provides the user a high quality image when the car is in reverse gear and also includes guidelines for extra confidence when backing.

Best backup camera kit for vehicles with Display Audio/Entune touch screen radios. It plugs right in with no cutting of factory harness. Features super CMOS camera to provide you the best picture. This best backup camera is designed for Toyota vehicles with the Display Audio 6.1-inch non-navigation radio and Entune 6.1 or 7-inch navigation radios.

The backup camera kit comes complete and requires no cutting or splicing of any factory harness. The kit contains the reverse camera, full length chassis harness and mating plugs for the radio. Additional programming of the head unit isn’t required.

The backup camera kit is plug and play and will not require you to cut any factory wires for installation. The front harness plugs into the factory radio and the full chassis harness runs back to the OE fit rear camera- it’s a quick and simple installation!!! The camera will come on itself while the vehicle is in in reverse and will display parking guidelines for added safety and convenience, although the lines can be turned off on the harness.


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Best backup camera kit  Installation:

The installation is not so hard. Simply remove the radio and plug the camera harness into the appropriate slot and run the chassis harness to the rear of the car through the interior. The backup Camera installs in upper lip above the license plate; using the included hole saw, cut an opening in the trim then install the camera, tighten with locking nut and after that connect to chassis harness. It installs quickly and easily. There is a wire in the chassis harness which will turn the guidelines on or off.


 NOTE:  Some Scions models will require a trigger wire to be installed into the factory radio 28 pin power harness. That is what will cause your radio to go to camera mode while you shift into reverse.  Every necessary element is included in this kit but some late 2014+ already have the wire in the radio from the factory.




2013-15 Xb

2013-15 TC

2013-15 IQ

2013-15 FRS



Video System NTSC
Waterproof/Dustproof Level IP 67 Rated
Night Vision < .2 Lux
Power Supply 6 Volts
Wiring Type Hard Wired Full Harness
System Manufacturer Camera Source
Parking Guidelines Selectable on/off
Camera Orientation Rear Facing
Fit Type Factory OE Fit Replacement
Connection Plug and Play to Factory Dash Display
Sensor Type Super CMOS
Viewing Angle 1700
Warranty 3 Year
Camera Resolution 600 TVL




 Kit includes: 

  • Super CMOS OE fit rear view camera, ultra high clarity, color, and contrast, 5-7v operating range
  • Optional guidelines-can be disable them on the harness if desired
  • OEM Front harness
  • OEM radio trigger wire- it triggers radio into reverse mode
  • Chassis harness
  • Hole saw for installing camera
  • Zip ties

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Features at a glance:

  • Includes Premium high definition Super CMOS camera. This backup camera kit will look like it was installed at the factory.
  • Easily Plug and play with your factory radio. Simply plug it in at the back of your radio and then you can enjoy the camera view on your Display Audio or Entune screen. It’s really simple.
  • The Factory inspired parking guidelines look OEM but can be turned off easily by the flip of a switch.
  • Everything is included in the kit that is necessary for the user.
  • Features Super CMOS camera. The best available with over 600 TV lines of resolution and 170 degree viewing angle. 3 years of warranty on everything!!!



Technical Details

Brand Camera Source
Manufacturer Part Number CS-SDA-132-14
Voltage 6 volts



This backup camera kit is specially designed for Toyota vehicles. The compatibility list has been given above already. The features are good enough to convince your needs. There is no hesitation in quality and longevity. And it is also weather proof and fog resistant. So there will be no problem for you while you use it in your vehicle.


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Best Backup camera – Buying guide

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