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Naija Music

Senth – So Fine

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”So Fine” artist=”Senth” year=”2022″ playtime=”2:39″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”2.50Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Naija Music

Senth – So Sweet

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”So Sweet” artist=”Senth” year=”2022″ playtime=”2:13″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”2.10Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Gospel Music

Monique Chambers-Watson – King Of Kings

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”King Of Kings” artist=”Monique Chambers-Watson” year=”2022″ playtime=”2:59″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”2.82Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Ms Banks Bare With Me Naija Music

Ms Banks – Too Far

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Too Far” artist=”Ms Banks” year=”2022″ playtime=”3:06″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”2.92Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Ms Banks Bare With Me Naija Music

Ms Banks – Get Low

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Get Low” artist=”Ms Banks” year=”2022″ playtime=”2:55″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”2.76Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Ms Banks Bare With Me Naija Music

Ms Banks – Bare With Me

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Bare With Me” artist=”Ms Banks” year=”2022″ playtime=”4:00″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”3.75Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Dopestiks Chop Life Ft Bella Shmurda Naija Music

Dopestiks – Chop Life Ft. Bella Shmurda

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Chop Life” artist=”Dopestiks & Bella Shmurda” year=”2022″ playtime=”2:44″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”2.59Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Aje Dance Ft Mohbad Naija Music

Aje – Dance Ft. Mohbad

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Dance” artist=”Aje & Mohbad” year=”2021″ playtime=”2:23″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”2.59Mb” youtube=”” src=”″] Oxlade Tape

Jaywizzy Ft Mohbad Real Hustler Naija Music

Jaywizzy Ft. Mohbad – Real Hustler

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Real Hustler” artist=”Jaywizzy & Mohbad” year=”2021″ playtime=”3:46″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”3.96Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Idowest Gbe Body Ft Mohbad Naija Music

Idowest – Gbe Body Ft. Mohbad

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Gbe Body” artist=”Idowest & Mohbad” year=”2021″ playtime=”2:23″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”2.35Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Chinko Ekun Jafafa Ft Mohbad Naija Music

Chinko Ekun – Jafafa Ft. Mohbad

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Jafafa” artist=”Chinko Ekun & Mohbad” year=”2021″ playtime=”3:01″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”3.63Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Tori Keeche Come Through Ft Mohbad Naija Music

Tori Keeche – Come Through ft Mohbad

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Come Through” artist=”Tori Keeche & Mohbad” year=”2021″ playtime=”3:07″ bitrate=”320 kbps” size=”9.19Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Skillz 8figure Delilah Ft Kelvyn Boy Ghana Music

Skillz 8figure – Delilah Ft. Kelvyn Boy

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Delilah” artist=”Skillz 8figure & Kelvyn Boy” year=”2022″ playtime=”2:56″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”2.77Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Kizzi Stardom Ft Mohbad Level Level Naija Music

Kizzi Stardom Ft. Mohbad – Level Level

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Level Level” artist=”Kizzi Stardom & Mohbad” year=”2019″ playtime=”2:34″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”2.52Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Badass Ft Mohbad Richard Randle Owo Apa Naija Music

Badass Ft. Mohbad & Richard Randle – Owo Apa

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Owo Apa” artist=”Badass, Mohbad & Richard Randle” year=”2019″ playtime=”3:14″ bitrate=”320 kbps” size=”7.63Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Sheyboy Ft Mohbad Paami Naija Music

SheyBoy Ft. Mohbad – Paami

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Paami” artist=”SheyBoy & Mohbad” year=”2019″ playtime=”3:52″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”4.05Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Oliks Omoba Ft Mohbad X Deola Wanbi Belenje Naija Music

Oliks Omoba Ft. Mohbad x Deola Wanbi – Belenje

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Belenje” artist=”Oliks Omoba, Mohbad – Deola Wanbi” year=”2019″ playtime=”4:45″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”4.52Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Ibradosky Pariwo Ft Mohbad Naija Music

Ibradosky – Pariwo Ft Mohbad

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Pariwo” artist=”Ibradosky & Mohbad” year=”2021″ playtime=”2:29″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”3.07Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

C Blvck Available Ft Mohbad Naija Music

C Blvck – Available ft. Mohbad

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Available” artist=”C Blvck & Mohbad” year=”2021″ playtime=”2:19″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”4.18Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Ballo Ranking Sorry Cover Ft Mohbad Naija Music

Ballo Ranking – Sorry (Cover) Ft. Mohbad

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Sorry (Cover)” artist=”Ballo Ranking & Mohbad” year=”2021″ playtime=”3:21″ bitrate=”192 kbps” size=”4.81Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Ibraah Utamu Tanzanian Music

Ibraah – Tusamehe

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Tusamehe” artist=”Ibraah” year=”2022″ playtime=”4:00″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”3.75Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Mr Bee Ft Zinoleesky This Love Naija Music

Mr Bee Ft. Zinoleesky – This Love

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”This Love” artist=”Mr Bee & Zinoleesky” year=”2020″ playtime=”3:41″ bitrate=”160 kbps” size=”4.38Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]