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Here’s the most Reliable blog for Latest Nigerian Songs & New Naija Music Mp3. We Presents the most reliable blogs to Download Latest Naija. The music of Nigeria includes many kinds of folk and popular music, styles of folk music are related to the multitudes of ethnic groups in the country, each with their own techniques, instruments, and songs.

Little is known about the country’s music history prior to European contact, although bronze carvings dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries have been found depicting musicians and their instruments. – Nigerian Music Download

The country’s most internationally renowned genres are Indigenous, Apala, Fuji, Jùjú, Afrobeat, Afrobeats, Igbo Highlife, Afro-juju, Waka, Igbo rap, Yo-pop, Gospel. The largest ethnic groups are the Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. Traditional music from Nigeria and throughout Africa is almost always functional; in other words, it is performed to mark a ritual such as the wedding or funeral and not to achieve artistic goals. – Naija Music Download Mp3

Although some Nigerians, especially children and the elderly, play instruments for their own amusement, solo performance is otherwise rare. Music is closely linked to agriculture, and there are restrictions on, for example, which instruments can be played during different parts of the growing season. – Nigerian Music Download

Work songs are a common type of traditional Nigerian music. They help to keep the rhythm of workers in fields, river canoes and other fields. Women use complex rhythms in housekeeping tasks, such as pounding yams to highly ornamented music. In the northern regions, farmers work together on each other’s farms and the host is expected to supply musicians for his neighbours. – Naija Music Download

The issue of musical composition is also highly variable. The Hwana, for example, believe that all songs are taught by the peoples’ ancestors, while the Tiv give credit to named composers for almost all songs, and the Efik name individual composers only for secular songs. In many parts of Nigeria, musicians are allowed to say things in their lyrics that would otherwise be perceived as offensive. – Nigerian Music Download

The most common format for music in Nigeria is the call-and-response choir, in which a lead singer and a chorus interchange verses, sometimes accompanied by instruments that either shadow the lead text or repeat and ostinato vocal phrase.

The southern area features complex rhythms and solo players using melody instruments, while the north more typically features polyphonic wind ensembles. The extreme north region is associated with monodic (i.e., single-line) music with an emphasis on drums, and tends to be more influenced by Islamic music. – Nigerian Music Download

9ice Mercy Naija Music

9ice – NPG (Nothing Pass God)

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”NPG (Nothing Pass God)” artist=”9ice” year=”2020″ playtime=”2:21″ bitrate=”192 kbps” size=”3.68Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

9ice Mercy Naija Music

9ice – If

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”If” artist=”9ice” year=”2020″ playtime=”3:30″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”3.38Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Burna Boy More Life Naija Music

Burna Boy – Outside Ft. Mabel

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Outside ” artist=”Burna Boy & Mabel ” year=”2018″ playtime=”3:38″ bitrate=”256 kbps” size=”6.83Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

9ice Mercy Naija Music

9ice – Mercy

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Mercy” artist=”9ice” year=”2020″ playtime=”3:54″ bitrate=”192 kbps” size=”5.53Mb” youtube=”″ src=”″]

Burna Boy More Life Naija Music

Burna Boy – Calm Down

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Calm Down ” artist=”Burna Boy” year=”2018″ playtime=”4:26″ bitrate=”256 kbps” size=”8.28Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Burna Boy More Life Naija Music

Burna Boy – Ph City Vibration

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Ph City Vibration ” artist=”Burna Boy” year=”2018″ playtime=”3:54″ bitrate=”113 kbps” size=”3.21Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

9ice Ade Ori Naija Music

9ice – Ade Ori

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Ade Ori” artist=”9ice” year=”2008″ playtime=”3:11″ bitrate=”256 kbps” size=”5.97Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

9ice Birthday Wish Naija Music

9ice – Birthday Wish

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Birthday Wish” artist=”9ice” year=”2019″ playtime=”1:42″ bitrate=”256 kbps” size=”3.26Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

9ice Hadiza Naija Music

9ice – Ojo

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Ojo” artist=”9ice” year=”2016″ playtime=”2:54″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”2.92Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Burna Boy More Life Naija Music

Burna Boy – More Life

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”More Life ” artist=”Burna Boy” year=”2018″ playtime=”1:41″ bitrate=”94 kbps” size=”1.18Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Burna Boy Intro Naija Music

Burna Boy – Ring Ring

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Ring Ring ” artist=”Burna Boy” year=”2015″ playtime=”3:40″ bitrate=”256 kbps” size=”6.87Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Burna Boy Intro My Life Naija Music

Burna Boy – Ma Loda Ma Motto

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Ma Loda Ma Motto ” artist=”Burna Boy” year=”2013″ playtime=”3:13″ bitrate=”80 kbps” size=”2.33Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Burna Boy Intro My Life Naija Music

Burna Boy – Yawa Dey

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Yawa Dey ” artist=”Burna Boy” year=”2013″ playtime=”4:06″ bitrate=”80 kbps” size=”2.84Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Burna Boy Intro My Life Naija Music

Burna Boy – Boom Boom Boom

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Boom Boom Boom ” artist=”Burna Boy” year=”2013″ playtime=”4:00″ bitrate=”80 kbps” size=”2.38Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Burna Boy Intro My Life Naija Music

Burna Boy – Run My Race

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Run My Race ” artist=”Burna Boy” year=”2013″ playtime=”4:23″ bitrate=”80 kbps” size=”3.00Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Burna Boy Intro My Life Naija Music

Burna Boy – Na So E Suppose Be

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Na So E Suppose Be ” artist=”Burna Boy” year=”2013″ playtime=”4:25″ bitrate=”80 kbps” size=”3.02Mb” youtube=””…

Dj Tymix The Money Don Enter Mix Ft Kaptain Naija Music

Kaptain – The Money Don Enter

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”The Money Don Enter” artist=”Kaptain” year=”2021″ playtime=”2:35″ bitrate=”320 kbps” size=”6.79Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

P Square I Love You Naija Music

P Square – Break It (Instrumental)

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Break It (Instrumental) ” artist=”P Square” year=”2009″ playtime=”3:49″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”3.70Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

P Square I Love You Naija Music

P Square – E No Easy (Instrumental)

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”E No Easy (Instrumental) ” artist=”P Square” year=”2009″ playtime=”4:21″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”4.10Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Mohbad Balan Zia Gar Naija Music

Mohbad – Balan Zia Gar

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Balan Zia Gar” artist=”Mohbad” year=”2019″ playtime=”2:23″ bitrate=”320 kbps” size=”5.93Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

P Square Beautiful Onyinye Naija Music

P Square – Beautiful Onyinye

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Beautiful Onyinye ” artist=”P Square” year=”2011″ playtime=”4:52″ bitrate=”256 kbps” size=”9.23Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]

Rexxie Ko Por Ke Kpk Ft Mohbad Naija Music

Rexxie – Ko Por Ke (KPK) Ft. Mohbad

[pr_audio writeup=”true” name=”Ko Por Ke (KPK)” artist=”Rexxie & Mohbad” year=”2020″ playtime=”3:12″ bitrate=”128 kbps” size=”3.08Mb” youtube=”” src=”″]